Healthy Habits
...That Stick!

Enough of forgetting which pills you took...

The ELIXIR VITAMIN PATCH is a revolutionary new product that offers a convenient and effective way to boost your daily vitamins and nutrients.

With three different patches to choose from, the ELIXIR PATCH allows you to achieve a wide range of health and wellness goals!

Simply rip open that cute packaging, stick that square on, and let our vitamin magic work for hours! AKA: Peel. Stick. And Go!

Easily Absorbed

Let's be honest, yet punny: Conventional vitamins are a hard pill to swallow and swapping them with gummies with "sticky sounding stuff" is not the sweetest option! Using an Elixir Vitamin Patch is the simple, body-loving alternative to get those vital vitamins.

Safe & Natural Ingredients

With clean, easy-to-pronounce ingredients, our wearable patches are the safe and smart move for getting your vitamins moving throughout your body... stat!