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The ELIXIR RECOVER PATCH aids in recovery from illness, hangovers, or any time you haven't been feeling your best. It contains essential nutrients, such as B12, to combat exhaustion and promote recovery. B-complex vitamins support the immune system, Guarana (caffeine) helps reduce fatigue during the recovery process, and Black Pepper Extract aids in the absorption of essential vitamins!

INGREDIENTS: B-complex, B12, Guarana (caffeine), Black Pepper Extract

CONTENTS: 1 Pouch (6 Patches) / 2 Packs (12 Patches)

WHEN TO WEAR: Apply any time of day to begin your recovery from illness, hangovers, or periods of low energy. It is recommended that you wear your patch for up to **8 hours.

BENEFITS: Reduce fatigue and support the immune system during recovery.

WHERE TO PLACE: Apply to skin in an area with little or no hair. We recommend inner wrist, shoulder, back or hip.

SKIN SAFETY: Our plant based, self-stick transdermal patch gently adheres to your skin & removes easily!

**Wear your first patch for 1-3 hours to test skin sensitivity

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